August Village Newsletter 2015

Please find below latest newsletter from Mick Austen. With suitable web embellishment by myself.

Super Fast Broadband (Added by myself) – Read link below thanks. Updated 25/07/2015

Postwick Hub Work

Since every date promised to us regarding Oaks Lane reopening and other diversions has not been met, I shall not make any further pronouncements…

Latest Hub Newsletter below in pdf form.

coffee-morningPostwick Coffee Shop

Postwick Coffee Shop is on Tuesday mornings at the Village Hall between 10.30 and 12.00 noon. All welcome.

Mobile Library

The mobile library stops at the village hall on alternate Tuesdays throughout the year, from 11.05 to 12.00 noon.

Please support the Library Bus, and you can always call in at the hall for coffee & cake and a chat (as above).  Forthcoming dates:  28/7; 11/8; 25/8; 8/9; 22/9.

Glass Recycling Bins

One of the glass recycling bins is being retained at the Village Hall.  Whilst glass can now be added to your grey bins, it would be appreciated if the bin at the hall could still be used as we receive a small payment when this is emptied, which can be used for the benefit of the village.


Reports have been received that several cars are speeding through the village above 30mph.  Please do not drive excessively fast around our narrow lanes – especially now during the school  holidays.  Please adopt a “Twenty is plenty” approach, which may encourage some of our more impatient visitors to slow down!


Hedging your bets

Now is a good time to check whether you have trees or hedges overhanging the roads, particularly along Oaks Lane ahead of it re-opening. Please arrange to cut back if they are a potential obstruction for cars and lorries.

Recent Events details to follow

Parish Council AGM

Postwick Social Club AGM

Postwick Festival

Up and Coming Events

Join the BAD Players at their free summer BBQ, Sunday 9 August

badplayersThe BAD Players are a friendly and enthusiastic amateur dramatics group based in Blofield.  The group is now recruiting ahead of their next production (rehearsals start in September for performances in January 2016).They’re looking for people of all ages, abilities and interests: from budding pantomime dames and dashing heroes through to the backstage and support staff who make their productions such a success.  No special training or experience is needed! Putting on a show involves a wide range of activities such as acting, singing & dancing, directing, lights, sound & music, costumes & make-up, props & scenery, publicity and front of house.

If you’re interested in any of the above, come along and meet the BAD Players at their summer BBQ on Sunday 9 August 2015.

They can’t promise good weather, but can guarantee plenty of food and drink, as well as some fun (with some spontaneous and impromptu entertainment!).

For more information and to book your place visit their website

Village Screen

The first Postwick village film screening will be on 26/09/15.
The film will be ‘The Second Best Marigold Hotel‘. 7.00 for 7.30 PM. at the Postwick village hall.

Bar Open. Admission will be free for this showing by the generosity of the social club committee. Tickets will be available on and after the 18/08/15 at Postwick Coffee Shop on Tuesdays and the social club bar on Fridays and Sundays. There are only a limited number of tickets available on a ‘first come first served basis’ and restricted to 2 per person.

Trailer below for The Second Best Marigold Hotel

Bar Roster  

Bar staff: Please note rearranged roster again!

24/7 Jamie, 31/7 Phil, 7/8 Reuben, 14/8 Mathew, 21/8 Di, 28/8 Jamie, 4/9 Phil, 11/9 Reuben, 18/9 Mathew, 25/9 Di

Thanks to Jamie and Phil, who have joined the bar rota, as above. More volunteers always welcome and greatly needed! Training will be given to new staff.  The more people who volunteer, the fewer nights’ commitment will be required.

Bar Open  Friday   8.30pm – 11.00pm (N.B. new start time)

Sunday 5.00pm – 7.00pm

A new box for fibre broadband – BT Infinity

A new box has arrived at Oaks lane just up the road from the old number 13 box.

2015-07-15 06.44.40
Huawei 96/128 FTTC cabinet



This paragraph below was updated 25/06/2015

I was under the impression from talking to my contact that this box plus another one would be somewhere else in the village (not located on Oaks Lane). Upon further discussions in the last week with my council / BT rollout  contact this not the case. This will indeed be the one and only box to be installed in the village. I think it is fair to say that anything speed wise is better than the terrible 1.7mb I’m currently getting. I am now reliably informed that my premises on Ferry lane is definitely going to have the ability for super fast broadband. As for dates the date (loosely based I suspect) is by the end of September. Just use the link below to keep checking. If you do happen to check and find it is taking orders then please post a comment on this page to let other know.

As for potential speeds it depends on how far you are away from the fibre box as the fibre gets interfaced with the existing copper connections. You are therefore governed by how far those copper cables take to get to your property from the fibre box. Please see towards the end of this post for more information.

BT FTTC CP Customer Training Video Above.

Just remember whatever speed we end up potentially getting an available package from BT or similar would need to be chosen.

Once I hear more I will update this page. This may not be the final box in the fibre puzzle. If it is great it wont be long until we draw a hopefully happy conclusion. Some people cannot see the advantages of faster broadband. My opinion is more about it having a better quality of service. Yes I could potentially update my sky on demand episodes as well as getting on with work what a joy. If you have simultaneous users using the internet this will help greatly.

2015-07-15 06.44.28
The old box has a number 45 marked on it now. So we are now known as Thorpe 45 for reference.

How do I check for availability? Click below. When we go live it will say accepting orders.

Table of FTTC speeds related to distance from the street cabinet

The table below shows the relationship between estimated downlink connection speed for FTTC fibre broadband and the distance from the BT (green) street cabinet. For a good line and where the take-up of fibre broadband is relatively low, we believe that these estimates are conservative so you may be able to achieve higher speeds (up to the maximum of 80 Mbps).

If FTTC is available in your area, this will be indicated on the BT’s Broadband Availability Checker.

Distance from the street cabinet (km) FTTC fibre broadband connection speed (Mbps)
0.0 80.0
0.1 80.0
0.2 80.0
0.3 76.0
0.4 69.0
0.5 60.0
0.6 51.0
0.7 43.0
0.8 35.0
0.9 31.0
1.0 28.0
1.1 26.0
1.2 24.5
1.3 23.0
1.4 22.0
1.5 21.0
1.6 19.8
1.7 19.0
1.8 18.0
1.9 17.0
2.0 16.5
2.1 15.5
2.2 14.8
2.3 14.0
2.4 13.3
2.5 12.5
2.6 11.7
2.7 10.8
2.8 10.2
2.9 9.4
3.0 8.7

Table of BT FTTC speed against distance from the street cabinet

For those who are interested in fibre to premises (FTTP) here are some links. It is rather expensive but negates the copper restrictions. This may not be available in Postwick we will have to see what transpires in the months to come.  Although FTTP also know as FTTH (fibre to home) involves a fibre optic cable coming direct from the exchange all the way to your premises.

Another option is what’s know as FTTP on demand. This involves you making an order with BT. They then install a fibre opric cable from the FTTC cabinet (Top of this page) directly to your home. A more cost effective option but still rather expensive. This is distance based and the further you are away from the cabinet the more it costs. This should in theory allow you to get 330Mb down and 30Mb upload speeds. From reading around BT have put a temporary suspension on orders for this service. I would check on this link for updates.‘fibre-to-the-home’-installed%3F

Interesting side line read link here.

Slow Broadband wipes 20% off your house price

Comments below if you wish. Click this link if you are on the front page of the site.



Postwick Overnight A47 closures from Monday 13 July

10 July 2015

Drivers are warned to expect overnight closures of the A47 at Postwick, at the eastern end of Norwich Southern Bypass, over the next two weeks starting on Monday 13 July.

The closures, which are to allow further bridge work to be carried out as part of the Postwick junction improvement, will be on weekday nights from 8pm to 6am at the latest. There will be short diversions via the slip roads and new link roads.