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Well the Postwick hub has now gained ground literally and we are quite a way into the build. Click here to see a plan of the proposed works. You will have to rotate the document anti clockwise to get a good view.

So how do I make a comment?

To make your comment  simply click the title of this post (If you are on the main page with all other listings). You can then scroll to the bottom of the page and make your comment. Emails addresses are not shown to the public. Basically each post that is made on this site can be commented on at the bottom of each page.

I have created this post for people to voice their opinions on the various aspects of the project.  Keep language clean and the post will go up.

What impact will or has the project had on your life?


Image linked from Postwick Hub Newsletter 20

Thought and comments please. You don’t have to be a Postwick resident.

Anyone who uses the hub be it pedestrian or road user is welcome to comment.


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18 thoughts on “Postwick Hub Voice Your Opinion Here #postwickhub

  1. I attempted to get from Norwich to Brundall today and found I couldn’t understand the directions/signs given. I went around the roundabouts twice. The new Postwick Hub seems very confusing. I gave up and went back to Norwich. I have driven for 35 years, negotiated the Hangar Lane Gyratory system with no problems in West London but the Postwick hub certainly threw me.
    It’s a disaster on many levels as I read the comments from other motorists.

  2. Re Road lane marking on the Hub.
    On the Oaks Lane roundabout the lane markings have been changed making it much more sensible and safe.
    I find a similar situation at the lead up to the roundabout at the end of the slip road from Swaffham direction. If you follow the arrows to come to Postwick, you have to potentially cross the line of traffic, at busy times this could prove costly.
    How do other users find it?.

  3. Well! Joining from A47 going west is causing tailbacks onto the A47, that’s got to be dangerous. Why it isn’t a roundabout at the bottom of the bridge is beyond me.

  4. Really getting excited now as the hub should be finished in the next two weeks as promised (yeah right)
    I’ve watched with interest the guy who stands next to van at the P&P roundabout/traffic light fiasco, who on peak times push the button to red, for no reason what so-ever, to stop traffic from the east. I did have the good fortune to be the vehicle at the front of the queue and was able to roll the window down for a chat with him. I, very politely, asked why he does it and was given the answer that he’s been told to, but don’t know why. Well I have a suspicion why, you see I have a customer/friend who is directly involved with major road projects and he showed me a brief from the powers to be involved with the Elvedon bypass, that the new roadworks must be disruptive to traffic as possible until the opening. The reason being on that particular project to make the road work all that was needed was the installation of a roundabout rather than the old lights. With the traffic disrupted for so long on the eventual opening the general motorist was so relieved he forgot the old system and what would have a been a cheaper fix. Politics unfortunately got in the way again and the tax payer paid for the hogwash.
    I seriously believe the Hub, as I’ve said before, is a big white elephant and is prone for disaster and the powers to be are aware of this, but by inconveniencing us for so long unnecessarily and causing major hold ups deliberately, by the time it does open we will think it’s an improvement, forgetting what it was like before.
    Just my twopence worth as I step away from the soap box,,,,,,, and breath .

  5. This has absolute disaster written all over it. Everything is funnelled round the roundabout network and/or the collosal mish mash of traffic lights on the south side. Traffic idiots have an obsession with magic traffic light junctions (hence the shambles at the top of Grapes Hill) because they think their magic ideas can fix them. It doesn’t work.

    I only drive it occasionally, and I didn’t realise quite how stupid the design was until a month or so ago. Unless I’m horribly misreading the diagrams, the route into Norwich via the old A47 (A1042 now I think) coming to and from Yarmouth, is horribly convoluted, and the popular “round the back” routine into Norwich, where people come from the West and Central South, which was so popular it had its own slip road that avoided the roundabout seems to require you to negotiate four roundabouts or the magic traffic light junction.

    When it is busy, the lights will not cope, because they never do, and traffic will queue back from the lights where the P&R now is onto the two roundabouts immediately connected to it, jam them up, and tail backs will occur going back towards the West on the A47 Eastbound.

    The only junction I have ever seen that is worse than this that was actually designed like that is the omnishambles at Catthorpe (end of A14/start of M6/M1 junction) which had the merit of being cheap if nothing else.

  6. I live in the area of Thorpe St. Andrew called Dussindale. I have avoided using the Postwick Hub because of the traffic issues.

    It occurs to me that the whole development is an over-engineered monstrosity. I have travelled many of the countries major road and it seems to me what was needed was a bridged double roundabout such as you see at nearly all road junctions on major dual carriageways in the UK. One of these bridges was already present and in current use. Any development of the NDR could then very simply be an exit of this roundabout.

    I really don’t see the need for the complex of roundabouts that traffic has to negotiate to enter Norwich through Thorpe St. Andrew. Having negotiated this mystery tour a couple of days ago it took me 25 miles to do about 2 miles. Most noticeably we watched a police car with blue lights flashing which was unable to progress beyond the broadland business park roundabout because of standing traffic. This must be an issue for emergency vehicles.

    It also seems to me that an awful lot of public money has been wasted on the extra roundabouts and connecting roads. I realize that Norwich is an expanding City but there seems a lot of area available for commercial redevelopment in Norwich and the surrounding commercial estates.

    The only further comment I would make is how it is possible to justify the closure of the Yarmouth road slip from the Southern Bypass. Oh! sorry to seem cynical, but the traffic jams weren’t long enough.

  7. Why oh Why did the simple slip road to Thorpe have to go? All traffic is forced now on to the left hand lane of the longer slip road, the right hand lane going somewhere else, and I have to go from roundabout to roundabout from dual carriageway to single track carriageway to dual carriageway just to get to the top of the demolished slip road! Surely leaving that slip road would alleviate some traffic off the new roadways and leave room for cars wanting the NDR or Broadland Business Park. It just seems such a waste of money and it is extremely aggravating to have to go so far to get back where you started!!

  8. Now the slip road lets you (Postwick residents) go over the bridge. Unfortunately we still have to cue up at the give way point end of the bridge. I hope this all gets sorted soon as it is a real pain for other motorists who wish to get out of the city.

    Not to mention Postwick residents wishing to get home from the bypass. Roll on completion date and let us cross our fingers that the road census counters got their figures correct.

  9. The amount of work, the mess, the time taken, the inconvenience and THE COST just make me want to cry!! It is ugly and, in my opinion, unnecessary. I have lived in London and Manchester and believe me we do not have any significant traffic problems around this area – apart from the road to Gt Yarmouth on some Bank Holidays. Love the roundabout though – who needs to go to the funfair just tow a caravan round it with a little press on the accelerator and a fair cross wind – all the thrills you need!
    ps Has anyone had an apology for all the added expense to villagers in time, petrol and taxi fares?

  10. I can see how the junction will eventually ‘work’ with the advent of the NDR, but I still don’t understand the need to remove the current eastbound-Thorpe slip road. NCC says that it is to prevent queues back on to the A47 where traffic is leaving the dual carriageway at (potentially) 70mph. Fair enough, but has that happened in the past? I don’t use the junction evey day, but at least a couple of times a week in rush hour and I’ve never seen such tail backs and queues. Well, not before the road works started at any rate.

    Once the NDR is in place (lets face it, that’s what this junction is *really* for) a majority of traffic will be using the longer slip that has been added with a much smaller volume of traffic using the eastbound-Thorpe slip road.

    If a longer slip is really so important, why not have a far left lane of the new slip road do a full u-turn back up to the existing north-west roundabout rather than making us drive around half of Norfolk to get back towards Norwich?

    I can see the slip road being put back in when the NDR is built and the volume of traffic heading into the city from Postwick has decreased.

  11. One thing you can be sure of is that the planners, designers and the ones sticking their figures up in the air to guess vehicle numbers will be well gone by the time everyone realises it is a huge cock up and is no better than the original lay out. If they were in a less forgiving country they probably find themselves in jail or worse if it turns out to be a white elephant.

  12. I accepted that improvements were necessary to this area as traffic build up is unacceptable. I would have thought that such a project would have a sensible layout and not be more like the scribblings of a two year old.

    Major problems –
    Leaving Norwich for Yarmouth, should have been through the existing slip road which could merge with the new slip road from the last new roundabout to join the A47.

    Leaving Norwich to head west, after crossing the new bridge a slip should have peeled off to go under the original bridge and join the A47 directly. What you are even thinking of with the planned layout, I have no idea but the existing traffic will still pass each other and we will still have a tailback onto the dual carriageway.

    The southernmost new roundabout (leaving A47 westerly), not any real reason for this to exist, in fact it will be dangerous, the whole thing is on such a slope due to the fall to the side road that traffic entering it (possibly at speed after leaving the A47) will skid off in the wet, and lets hope that it is well gritted! Well done for saving the oak tree though.

    If I can see these problems then why can’t experts?

  13. can someone tell me why ,when leaving norwich on yarmouth road to travel east you have now to traverse 5 roundabouts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I absolutely agree -Instead of leaving the A47 on to a short slip road & turning left at the top to go to Thorpe now I have to drive up the longer new slip road on dual carriageway, round a roundabout on to more dual carriageway, another roundabout & on to single track road, another roundabout & more single track another roundabout & back on to dual carriageway another roundabout & more dual carriageway to end up at the top of the original slip road!!! What a waste of money demolishing it and a complete waste of our time driving from the A47 to Thorpe! Do planners want us to revert to driving through Norwich to get to Thorpe because that is much quicker in the rush hour traffic!

  14. We are concerned that the slip road into Thorpe for people from the south and west is being deleted. We use it always to visit friends there. There appears to be no alternative but to go round the industrial area or drive on to the Brundall roundabout and back towards Thorpe or drive through Norwich.

  15. I feel it’s a bit too early to comment on the effectiveness of the latest transport departments big white elephant, but politically it’s been a major success for them. The thing which really puzzles me is why some idiot thought it would be good in the days of rising fuel costs and carbon footprint aware to close the slip road back to Norwich, past the Audi garage.
    The great un-washed has had the wool pulled over it’s eyes again and has layed open huge areas of countryside to become urbanized as the infrastructure is now in place
    I for one am looking forward to completion as I’m sick to the back teeth of the disruption, time wasted sitting in traffic and the extra money wasted on fuel

    1. The road situation in terms of village access is a bit of a pain I must admit. Hopefully the roundabout will be functional soon so all the villagers don’t have to use the top road.

      The slip road will remain a mystery in real terms until they switch things around. I can’t wait to see if the magic traffic lights work to calm all that diverted traffic.

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