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This area is for the Postwick green group and such related articles. For example meeting minutes etc.

Julie Wrote:

Polyprint in Rackheath.

I am collecting this from Green group members (only) and taking into over to Rackheath approx every 6 months so if you want to start collecting then please do so and then drop it off occassionally to (private), if we are not in put it in the greenhouse.  All i ask is that you are carefull not to contaminate with non suitable material and no food remnants.

Example of items they can accept

•    Bags used to cover electrical appliances or furniture
•    Bread bags (shaken out)
•    Bin bags (clean)
•    Bubblewrap
•    Can & drink pack outers & joining rings
•    Carrier bags
•    Cling film (clean)
•    Compost sacks (clean)
•    Courier bags (without paper labels)
•    Drycleaning garment covers
•    Mailing wrappers (without paper labels)
•    Polythene recycling categories 2 and 4 (as marked on the film)
•    Thin bags used in supermarkets for fruit & veg etc (shaken out)
•    Toilet roll and nappy pack outersIf you are interested in giving Julie items above then

please contact me via the contact page and I will pass on her email or come to the green group to find out more.


Feel free to comment below. If you run a green group then please do drop us a comment to let us know you have visited.

9 thoughts on “The Green Group

  1. Thank you for your reply, I already have the burner but just need someone to fit it for us and not realy sure of who to call on for this service ,

    1. Julia,

      We used a nice chap in Brundall

      It was in 08 but we had 2 wood burners installed and flues lined. The service was great and the price was very good. The link above is for his current site.

      Linton Fireplaces & Stove Supplies – His old paperwork says 01603 712555 but the new site says 01603 512140. Maybe he moved. Give it a go and let us know.



  2. Hi, We have been exploring the world of woodburners recently and have been amazed by how many specialists places there are in Norfolk- see ‘Heating equipment- solid fuel section in the yellow pages. We found Anglia Woodburner Centre in North Burlingham were very helpful and they do installation too.

  3. hi i am looking for someone to fit an inset multi fuel stove into my fireplace ,i have had the chimney checked and swept and do not need a liner just a flu .
    Do you know of anyone who could do this for me please ?

    1. Yes, we can recommend Mr. Eric Wright, who installed our multi-fuel woodburner. Tel. 01603 401362.
      Sue and Bryan.

  4. Postwick Green Group meetings are every month on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7 pm at Postwick Village Hall all welcome.

    1. Just to verify that Postwick Green Group meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you are interested in getting involved please phone Su on 07587152857.

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