Using the site.

There are a couple of things that visitors should know.

Default Users – Subscribers – ability to comment on posts.

To see comments and make a comment click on the comment link located at the base of every post. It is fairly small text but will allow you to view others comments as well as make your own.

By default if you register you will become what is know as a subscriber. A subscriber will be notified of when new posts are submit to the postwick web site. They have the ability to comment on posts but no ability to create a post.

Contributors – Ability to post (with admin consent) & comment.

Authors – Ability to post / comment

Authors are individuals that have been chosen to have the ability to post on the main web site. When a post is created and published the site goes live right away. No intervention from the administrator is required. All comments made on >any< posts have to be checked by myself (Adrian) the admin for obvious reasons. The author has the ability to upload photographs and create elaborate messages.

Here is how to make a post as an author.


Admin – The site owner – ability to change everything.

The admin has the rights to edit all manner of posts / comments and file uploads. Plus take car of aesthetic changes required.

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