Village Hall Sustainable Energy Project

Update – The Project was opened by Conservative MP Keith Simpson the some photographs are available here.

Click here for the Keith Simpson Gallery Pictures

The village hall has had some recent ecological energy systems installed. Peter Herring has kindly provided me with some technical information with regards to what the hall has installed. Over time hopefully the system information will be embellished. This could provide visitors with a more concise view of the technologies involved.

We have

1. A 15 meter mast and wind turbine.
2 .A Ground source heat pump system with the pipework being under just beside the main playing field.

For more information please see the other pages by hovering your mouse over the eco tab.

We plan to keep you updated regarding the Wind Turbine an its contribution to the Village Hall’s running costs by publishing a chart showing the kWhs generated each month.

Click on this Wind Turbine. You will probably have noticed that between March 9th and April 9th there were a few days when the wind levels were so low that the turbine was pretty still. It is quite amazing that some days it will not generate anything and others it goes like the clappers. Bearing this in mind there is nothing to be read into a low generating month as it will fluctuate significantly.

When you have looked at the chart, close Word down and this will return you to the website.


Peter Herring has given me some photographs of the construction process for the project.

Please click this text to go to the archive Gallery.



3 thoughts on “Village Hall Sustainable Energy Project

  1. Adrian is right – to what extent a Wind Turbine will be effective will depend on many factors.
    I suspect that a 5kW Turbine like ours will not be sufficient to run an electrical heating system. Initial indications (although it is very early to be certain) is that ours will generate between 25 and 40% of our electrical requirements. Although this doesn’t sound particularly good we have saved well over £1000 in oil costs (which are only going to increase) with our heat pump and we receive the feed in tariff of 28p per kWh generated (index linked for 25 years) plus 3p per kWh we export to the grid (which is estimated at 50% of that which is generated) The overall cost of the Turbine was £28,000.

    Hope this helps


  2. MG

    Please see our latest newsletter.

    It shows the total KWh’s since installation. Keep in mind that the wind turbine feeds power back into the grid and you get a feedback tariff (Pete correct me if I’m wrong here).

    I suspect this is a how long is a piece of string question as it depends on average consumption, suitability of where the turbine goes. What size you have etc. A specialist would have to be brought in to answer these question.

    I have passed this on to Peter Herring maybe he could make a comment.



  3. I heard a comment on Look East this week re the wind turbine you have at the village hall. Was it expensive, will it produce enough electriciy to run the hall/ Here at Burgh castle we have no gass supply so ned to install electric central heating in our hall. Any comments would be approeciated


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