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If you are a visitor who has lived in Postwick in the past. Or you have relations that lived in Postwick in the past. Or you just wish to say hello, please use the post page below to let Postwick know that you have visited or would like to discuss your past.

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  1. Hi. I am new to the area and wondered if anybody can recommend a kennels and cattery near to Postwick.

    1. Hello Vicky
      I recommend you try
      Paws A While Boarding Cattery
      Woodside, Hall Rd, Blofield, Norwich, Norfolk NR13 4DE
      phone 712154
      This just a cattery but very good
      Geoff Mann

  2. Please all take a look at the revised road changes for oaks lane as this effects all residents on broadland planning web site

  3. A long shot but my distant ancestor, James Leeder, was blacksmith at Postwick (latterly living with his daughter, Robina) and lived there until his death in about 1920 or so (not sure). I have just found something about a kind of apple in the National collection and seeds of which can be bought, called “Leeder’s Perfection” ….”raised by a Mr Leeder of Postwick in 1917″. I am trying to find out if there were other Leeders in Postwick around that time (don’t show up on censuses) and, also, who Leeders Hill was named after. (I think James Leeder was originally from Swanton Novers, where his wife, Charlotte Mussett, came from too).

    1. The house /blacksmiths was in the bottom part of now trees of the church , the well is still there and lots of flints , as a child we played in there (the well is filled with stones and earth ) making dens using bits from the old house

  4. Hi, my name is Dennis Cooper. My mother was Dorothy Appleton who lived with her parents (Charles Herbert Appleton and Bessie nee Vann) on Heath Farm, Postwick. I believe that my great grandparents William and Emma Appleton actually lived in postwick itself. William’s brother Charles ran the Post Office with his wife Lizzie. Of course all these people are no longer alive, sadly, my mother passing away 4 years ago. I saw this website and thought I would just let you know my connection to Postwick.

  5. I’m researching the Stratford family in Norfolk and it appears that John Stratford who was executed for murder at Norwich Gaol, was born in Postwick . I have copies os newspaper reports and also an account from a Quaker visitor. On one report it states that his father aged 90 was still alive and “lives to lament him”. John was also married and had 6 children, what happened to them?
    Any information is welcome so I can link members of Stratford family

    1. There was a Stratford family that held property in Brundall in the 16th/17th ceturies at least. Could ther be some conneciton here?

  6. Hi,

    I run a website about the Langton family, and stumbled across your site while looking for information on Langtons from Norfolk.
    I see you have a page that mentions a Miss Langton, and i wonder if you have any more information about her or her family?

    Many thanks

  7. I lived in Postwick from 1955 – 1979 before I moved here to Italy. My father worked for just over 20 years at Hall Farm before retiring. We used to live at ” New Houses,” Ferry Lane but I think those houses are no longer called that. I have very fond memories of Postwick as I was only three or four when we moved there and that is where I spent nearly all my life in England.
    I rarely return to visit but when I do I always pass through the village and stop at the church to visit the graveyard where so many people I remember are buried, Jenny and Harry Green who were our neighbours for quite a time, Joan Appleton, who was my mother’s friend and many more.
    There have been so many changes in the village over the years and I don’t think there are
    many people there from my time. In fact most of the friends I had in my youth had already moved away from Postwick before I did.
    I have noticed looking at the map of Postwick on Google that even the names of some of the roads have changed such as Cullings Hill and Leeder Hill, which I always new as Appleton’s
    Hill and Church Hill.
    Naturally your lovely village hall wasn’t there in my time and I don’t think there was quite the same community spirit as there seems to be now. Postwick was very much a farming community in those days and I remember my mother telling me that over 20 people worked at Hall Farm. When my father retired I seem to think there were about five people still working there.
    I was also one of the last children to attend the village school with Miss. Greenacre before it was closed and we were sent off to Hillside Avenue School, in Thorpe.
    I only found your website by chance but reading through the emails already posted on it brought so many memories flooding back that I just felt I had to write some of them down and send them.

    1. Hi, my name is John Mason and my wife Jenny and I lived in your house in Postwick from 1983 until about 1995 when we moved into Thorpe for a few (12) years. We extended the house several times, named it Boundary Cottage, and raised our two girls there, enjoying every minute. So much so that we have returned to Postwick, albeit over towards Gt Plumstead, on Heath Farm, where we have renovated one of the farm buildings.
      We’re Bob and Jean your neighbours as well?
      We also look at the house every time we visit Postwick.

    2. Hello Susanna, hope you find this

      Geof and Sandra Mann here
      I was reminded to look at the visitors page after spending an afternoon with Jean and Bob last week.
      We bought the house fromJohn and Jenny and moved in in August 1994.
      We are still here and like it very much. Have made a few changes but not too many.
      Jean and Bob moved out about 5 years ago but we still see them from time to time.
      Susanna, Bob remembers your dad with affection and tells me tales about his garden. It is mostly lawn and shrub beds now, but I do have a small veg. garden to keep up the “Federoni” tradition.
      David Green has now left the village and the house is still empty.
      We both love it here in Postwick and don’t intend to move unless we have to.
      If you do visit the village please knock on our door.

    3. Hi susanna . It was lovely to see your email regarding my mother Joan Appleton. We sadly lost my father last year too. Some of your mothers belonging are still in the attic at postwick . Hope you are all well love Lesley x

      1. Hello Lesley & Susanna
        I’ve just noticed the reference to some belongings “are still in the attic in Postwick”. I presume this is 9 Church Road, which my son Rod purchased Nov 16? You may be interested to know that when clearing out the attic ready to remove the roof in preparation for the building works, I rescued a knitting machine bought from Curls & also two fascinating vehicle instruction books – a Bedford CAS & CAL Van (1960) and a Ford New Popular (1959). Both books are in excellent condition!
        If anyone wants to claim any of these, then please reply.
        We are really impressed with the village and neighbours and would like to get involved in some community activity such as trimming hedges etc as I have some energetic sons and daughters!

        1. Yes, I’m extremely interested in the knitting machine and we also have several hedges that need trimming this Saturday please! You sound such a nice old man I look forward to meeting you!!!

  8. I grew up in Postwick between the years 1972 and 1983. I lived at Riverana on Ferry Lane and used to play with a group my own age who all lived along the same road. It seems that all except for David Green have moved away, myself included. I have been living in Kos, Greece for the past 20 years but always have fond memories of my years in Postwick. Many summer days were spent on the ‘rec’ before it was improved, and also helping old Tom set out the markers for the cricket pitch before it became such a grand venue as it is now. When I lived there Wally Snook was the rector of the church. He ran a Sunday school and also the Pathfinders group where we would meet once a week in the village hall (the old one). I don’t know if Godfrey and Penny Collins still live in Postwick. Godfrey taught all of us to play a good game of table tennis. It would be great to know how many people from those years are still in the village and if any, who remembers me and my family.

  9. Hello Dave That was quick I thought after all this time you had probably given up on Postwick Yes I am sure I must have met up with you My family ran the Post Office/Shop and I was often behind the counter “helping” and all the children in the family used to congregate there during school holidays to see and listen to our Grandad … I wonder how many of the things he told us were really true, they seemed to be at the time ..As you say the days always seemed to be hot and sunny and so peacefull There are still a few of us original Postwickians around but all getting older Take care Jean

  10. Hi Dave

    Sorry for long delay but have only just decided to check out the site Yes I remember Jimmy I was at school with him but like you left the village in 1950 when I got married to a member of the Royal Engineers and also travelled around the world but when the time came to choose where to live it had to be back to Postwick So I have not heard anything about the Mayes family I am afraid

    Hope you managed to find out some information

    1. Hello Jean
      Very many thanks for the response. Did we ever meet do you reckon? My sister and I used to stay with my Nan at Jimmy and his Dads farm house (which I noticed has been developed into one property with next doors now) We used to walk down the edge of the field to the post office/shop in the village most days. What an incredibly wonderful idyllic life those days were. Most of the area still looks the same to me, or at least recognisable, with the addition of a few new houses?

      I haven’t managed to come across any one who knows of his whereabouts yet, or even if he is still with us.

      Hope to see you soon on one of the Friday evenings at the club/bar/pub or whatever you call it.

      Dave Bucky

  11. Hi, I am Dave Buckingham. I would like to know if there is still any
    one in the village who remembers Mr Mayes and his son Jimmy who lived
    in one of the pair of cottages and worked at hall farm in the 1950’s.

  12. Adrian & Co
    As a newcomer, may I say what a pleasure it is to come across a website from my happiest childhood days. Summers in Postwick. The photographs are wonderful but unfortunately, I don’t recognise any where or any one. I ‘lived’ in one of the pair of cottages along the lane to Hall farm (through the village, past the huge pond full of birdlife, turn right and along the edge of the field, turn right again at the top and the cottages are on the left. I holidayed at a Mr Mayes house and his son Jimmy. I have never heard of them since I joined the forces in the early 60’s. Mr Mayes will not be with us any longer and his son Jimmy will be getting on a bit too if he is still around. It is wonderful to see a good community spirit in Postwick still. Flytipping? Vandalism? unheard of in my time there. I plan to visit again from North Wales in the next couple of weeks.

    1. Hi Dave lovely to hear from you on the website if you are in Postwick on a Tuesday morning there is a Coffee Shop at the Village Hall from 10.30 to 12 pm you may find someone there who can give you some information. I may be in Wales then!!


      1. Hi Su
        Apologies, been away for a while. I am in Norwich as I type and Adrian says you have a village hall bar open on Friday evenings? If so, my sister and I will call this evening (if you get this in time) but we will call anyway
        Dave Bucky

    2. I am Davids sister, i too can remember our holidays at Postwick. Every day in the summer seemed hot probably because when you are kids you only remember the good days. I can remember vandalism in the village, culprit being David haha, will tell all if we make it to one of the coffee shop mornings. If Becky Richardson attends any of these mornings, may see you there some time.

  13. I just learned that my great-grandfather, Walter Attoe was from Postwick, and would have emigrated to the U.S. sometime in the 1860’s, I believe. His wife was Ann Dixon and was a schoolteacher. Is there a local historical society that I might contact regarding the Attoe family. I would love to know more about Postwick and any Attoes remaining there. In the photos I’ve seen, Postwick looks very much like Wisconsin, where Walter settled on a large farm.
    Thank you for any suggestions,
    Jane Attoe Erickson
    Wild Rose, Wisconsin, US

    1. Jane,

      I have had a quick look around google as you probably have. A goldmine of information for Norfolk related information is at the Norfolk Records Office. If you pop them an email they may be able to assist you. The archives contain thousands of hours of video, photos and historical records.

      It may be that someone within Postwick can help but this the internet thing is yet to catch on with some people in the village

      Here is the NRO link.

      History links for Postwick.



    2. from what I can remember from researching postwicks history the Attoe family lived in the estate house (The white house in the pictures) in 1762 the house was used by the estate carpenter in 1770 William Attoe and his wife moved into the estate house ,William was the carpenter as was his descendants right down until 1879 when they moved to Catton 1814-1867 the estate house was provided by Lord Rosebery and the village school adjoined the estate house , the Attoe womanfolk were the teachers Not sure if this 100% correct but hope it helps

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