Please use this area for discussion on walks in and around Postwick. There was a chance from listening in on the green group’s meeting that a river walk may be developed. With a wealth of wildlife around our village it seems a shame that we are very limited for walks.

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A couple of pictures from Bryan when walking with his dogs. He had his phone camera handy.

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  1. We walked along the footpath from griffin lane. It is very overgrown and only just walkable in places. Its a beautiful walk and should be made more accessible.

  2. Please read the entry dated 2/10/13.
    We have just returned from a walk along the river, first this year,
    It looks as though the management plan failed.
    It’s almost back to it’s old state of overgrown nettles.
    Not even room for cannabis plants, ( not all bad then).
    Have e-mailed Steve Lane and will be interested in his reply

  3. Update from Steve Lane on the river frontage
    Hi Geoff,

    I am in the process of drawing up a management plan for the rest of site, working with Jeremy Halls at BESL. It is likely we will cut and rake off the entire site in the next few weeks. This will help lower the nutrient levels in the soil and prevent nettles etc getting a foothold in the long term.

    Will keep you posted.



    Steve Lane
    Technical Specialist Fisheries

  4. This reply from Steve Lane regarding the riverside walk.

    Hi Geoff

    Nice to hear from you. I’m trying to keep a mower width either side of the path regularly cut – will speak to our contractor.

    With respect to the rest of the site, we are indeed getting to the point in a few weeks where some management will be necessary. This will probably take the form of a complete cut and removal of the cuttings to discourage the nettles and thistles. I will try and keep you posted.

    Kind regards


    Steve Lane
    Technical Specialist Fisheries
    GTN: 7-50-6529
    Tel: 01473 706529

  5. Looks like the river pathway is slowly reverting to a former state, yes the grass has been cut just a little bit along the path but even the path is much overgrown than when it was new.
    The nettles are in good condition and up 6 feet high. I realise this is primarily a fishing and wild life area, also the cost of upkeep is very high but it is such a pity it is not kept more presentable.

  6. A few years ago Sandra and I went on holiday with our two dogs to a destination in Essex near to Maldon. The walks there where fantastic, all fence off and clean, often over private land, it was as though the owners welcomed walkers. Didn’t see one private notice. Around Postwick all you get is “PRIVATE KEEP OUT”. At the end of the newly created river walk I’m sure a minefield has been put down, there was more barbed wire on the beeches during the war.
    Pity really, it could be so nice!

  7. Good morning,
    2 points:
    I am a Blofield dog walker. I grew up in Thorpe in the 1960s. I used to roam the area up to Brundall, a friend had a boatyard and then at school I was in the rowing club so I was familiar with the river bank. There was a path round the bank on the north side starting at Griffin lane in Thorpe but I don`t think it was designated a public footpath the whole distance to Brundall, I recall daringly climbing over barbed wire and ignoring `Private` signs at the high water mark. It used to be a good place to take a girl for peace and quiet!

    Secondly I see that Brundall Gardens Marina have put up signs to their boatyard at the junction of Mill Lane Witton and Postwick Lane saying that it is private land with no public access. This is misleading as there is a public footpath to the Norwich bound platform of Brundall Gardens Station at the line of Leylandii, right where they have erected a barrier in the road, and also the public footpath to Ferry Lane starts just past the railway bridge on their so called `private access`. I hope you Postwick types are keeping your eye on this and using the paths!!

  8. I have heard some other people say that there used to be a circular walk along the river bank in Postwick, we want to find out if this was an actual public footpath, and if it was, the owners of any land have to allow the footpath to become accessible again.

  9. When I was a child we were able to walk down Ferry Lane and all the way round and back up oaks lane , it was a very interesting walk old railway lines and all sorts , dike jumping was a necessity of which I can remember falling in pulling my mum with me and then my dad fell in trying to help us , what a sorry smelly sight we were walking home and Jean can you remember when Mutley ran off and took himself to the marshes and the panic it caused ? I would love to walk that route again

  10. That is very interesting We used to be able to walk the river bank from the marshes at the end of Oaks Lane to the Ferry when I was growing up in the Village so it is great to hear some of it is now open


    1. Claire and I would love to be able to walk all the way along the riverbank. Wouldn’t it be nice for people in the village to have a round walk rather than straight up ferry lane and back again. Jean don’t forget to register to keep up with the latest posts on the site. You can find the link just below the header on every page saying “Register by clicking here and get notified when somebody posts a new topic.”. I promise it’s easy to do and then you will get an notification once the site is newly posted.

      Having said my first sentence any walk other than the ferry lane would be fantastic. Not to mention all the wildlife along the walk.

  11. Dear Postwickians, the riverbank to the right of Postwick wharf has been mown by the Environment Agency and is much more accessible. They have done a lot of general clearance recently It makes a good location for a picnic.You can walk upstream for about 440 yards and it is most pleasant. At present there is a ‘symphony’ of birdsong, particularly in the evenings. Take advantage of this local amenity before the vegetation becomes too high.

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