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Email News: 25 July 2011

Thank you for registering  and for your patience while we roll out our wireless network. We expect to receive a faculty (the church equivalent of planning permission) for our first church as a Wi-Fi hub in the next few weeks. With this precedent established,  we will then be able to roll out the network at a much faster rate and will update the inter-active map on the website as we go. In the meantime do please continue to encourage churches, businesses and residential customers to sign up.




Having heard the rumours I thought it best to get it straight from the horses mouth and this what Pete from Freeclix said (10th May 2011).

Hi Adrian,

Many thanks for the email, would you be kind enough to post a link to www.wispire.co.uk onto the news article so that we may gain some more registrations for your village and the project overall.

The process of installation is well underway, but we have to wait for the church to agree a faculty application.  Once this is done we’re looking to install the network towards the end of June or early July 2011.

WiFi will be available at the church itself, heavily content filtered against pornography and gambling sites, but apart from that free web access for village, church and heritage information websites, yours included?  Further, you can sign-up for a WiSpire account that will be usable in the vicinity of any WiSpire enabled church throughout the region.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will be available to supply homes around the village and the nearby countryside with a broadband service of 6mb download and 1mb upload.  This won’t be an “up to” style service, if you can receive a signal from the church you’ll get what you pay for.

For more information please check out the following pages and articles.

Kind regards,



7 thoughts on “Wireless Broadband Bulletin – The church

  1. Has anybody else found that there have been problems with BT Broadband
    connection since the church spire broadband has been in place? Apart
    from the fact that I think it is slower, I am finding quite regularly
    that I lose my e-mail contact and often have to use the “Connections
    Doctor” a few times to get it back. It does not normally affect the
    web although, when the InSpire van has been at the church on two
    occasions in the last months, my home hub kept losing the connection
    and sometimes I couldn’t even see it as an available option!

    I don’t know the technicalities but it has been suggested to me that
    possibly InSpire is using the same “frequency(?)” as BT (or maybe one
    too close to it). If anyone else has had the same problem, perhaps we
    could ask InSpire to do something about it. I never had this problem
    before the church spire wi-fi was installed.

  2. Just got this through on email of anyone is interested.


    Thank you for registering your interest in Wispire.

    We have received an overwhelming response from churches, potential residential users and potential business customers. This is very encouraging and we are now working on a roll out programme and using a range of criteria (broadband blackspots, signal reception and potential take-up for residential and business customers) to prioritise the roll out. Do please continue to encourage others to register their interest as this will help the speed and the prioritisation of the roll out.

    We will be in touch once we have met our requirements for your parishes.


  3. Sorry Julie it’s early doors I think so no detail as of yet. Above was just the initial email I received having registered at the http://www.wispire.co.uk site. I assume they will trial it soon given that the church gives the nod etc. This may be open to a few testers.

    Off the record I was speaking to Henry Mc Bride who mentioned a fee of £25.00 per month for the service. Would this be a fair price? That would be down to the individuals situation and as I say it is completely off the record. Maybe some additional equipment would need installing at the residence as well. Sorry but detail is what I am lacking. This was just to generate interest for Pete if freeclix. You could always register with wispire and see what Pete from freeclix says.

  4. great to hear more info about this opportunity to access broadband, so many thanks to Adrian, but as always the devil is in the detail – how much is it going to cost to sign up?

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